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Rev Log message Author Age Path
180 nw90 candidate vmandic 703d 13h 27m /.svn-ignore
178 Added JSON parser vmandic 706d 05h 24m /.svn-ignore
176 svn cleanup vmandic 1193d 02h 37m /.svn-ignore
148 updated summary screen vmandic 2091d 01h 37m /.svn-ignore
142 full rebuild with 64bit client support and several bugfixes vmandic 2374d 12h 40m /.svn-ignore
117 added msexcel interop for export vmandic 2669d 16h 52m /.svn-ignore
108 vmandic 2678d 10h 19m /.svn-ignore
81 created automated build platform vmandic 2934d 14h 22m /.svn-ignore
78 v3 release candidate vmandic 2943d 17h 45m /.svn-ignore
77 subversion cleanup vmandic 2943d 17h 47m /.svn-ignore
76 merged nsranalyzer and nsrmonitor projects vmandic 2943d 18h 00m /.svn-ignore
35 svn ignore cleanup VMandic 3270d 19h 11m /.svn-ignore