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Rev Log message Author Age Path
177 Repository reconsiliation vmandic 792d 04h 25m /NSRAnalyzer/
175 csv export fix vmandic 1371d 07h 00m /NSRAnalyzer/
173 implemented rfe#35 vmandic 1405d 01h 16m /NSRAnalyzer/
166 bugfix for activity timeline vmandic 1640d 11h 35m /NSRAnalyzer/
158 added console logging vmandic 1891d 03h 12m /NSRAnalyzer/
157 bugfix for special characters in reporting vmandic 1974d 02h 57m /NSRAnalyzer/
156 bug fix for dynamic load vmandic 2026d 05h 43m /NSRAnalyzer/
154 updated SharpZipLib, updated NSRMonitor dll loader vmandic 2043d 07h 37m /NSRAnalyzer/
153 added custom txt reports vmandic 2051d 07h 50m /NSRAnalyzer/
152 added support for custom reports vmandic 2051d 08h 28m /NSRAnalyzer/
151 added detection of duplicate datasets vmandic 2100d 12h 27m /NSRAnalyzer/
150 added device usage report vmandic 2128d 02h 36m /NSRAnalyzer/
149 added on-demand report generator vmandic 2137d 01h 12m /NSRAnalyzer/
148 updated summary screen vmandic 2177d 00h 25m /NSRAnalyzer/
147 added initial support for sqlite database vmandic 2188d 10h 20m /NSRAnalyzer/
146 bugfixes for excel export and direct file open vmandic 2302d 05h 29m /NSRAnalyzer/
145 updated summary platform/version table vmandic 2398d 16h 24m /NSRAnalyzer/
144 added switch to run in secure environments without connectivity vmandic 2415d 07h 50m /NSRAnalyzer/
143 added backup type and storage node type to default report vmandic 2427d 20h 12m /NSRAnalyzer/
142 full rebuild with 64bit client support and several bugfixes vmandic 2460d 11h 28m /NSRAnalyzer/

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