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Rev Log message Author Age Path
180 nw90 candidate vmandic 736d 08h 24m /NSRAnalyzer.csproj
177 Repository reconsiliation vmandic 739d 00h 33m /NSRAnalyzer.csproj
156 bug fix for dynamic load vmandic 1973d 01h 51m /NSRAnalyzer.csproj
154 updated SharpZipLib, updated NSRMonitor dll loader vmandic 1990d 03h 45m /NSRAnalyzer.csproj
152 added support for custom reports vmandic 1998d 04h 36m /NSRAnalyzer.csproj
150 added device usage report vmandic 2074d 22h 44m /NSRAnalyzer.csproj
149 added on-demand report generator vmandic 2083d 21h 20m /NSRAnalyzer.csproj
147 added initial support for sqlite database vmandic 2135d 06h 27m /NSRAnalyzer.csproj
142 full rebuild with 64bit client support and several bugfixes vmandic 2407d 07h 36m /NSRAnalyzer.csproj
140 added html handler to unstructured parser vmandic 2435d 08h 39m /NSRAnalyzer.csproj
138 enhanced emcgrab parser vmandic 2465d 06h 14m /NSRAnalyzer.csproj
135 refresh of charting component vmandic 2548d 07h 38m /NSRAnalyzer.csproj
130 full rebuild vmandic 2619d 06h 54m /NSRAnalyzer.csproj
127 added emcconnect report vmandic 2637d 15h 11m /NSRAnalyzer.csproj
121 switched to pinvoke instead of interop vmandic 2701d 05h 01m /NSRAnalyzer.csproj
119 added ilmerge for interop vmandic 2701d 12h 11m /NSRAnalyzer.csproj
117 added msexcel interop for export vmandic 2702d 11h 48m /NSRAnalyzer.csproj
116 fixed handling of large rap records vmandic 2705d 04h 31m /NSRAnalyzer.csproj
115 forced registration vmandic 2705d 08h 45m /NSRAnalyzer.csproj
114 startup bugfix vmandic 2705d 09h 26m /NSRAnalyzer.csproj

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