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Rev Log message Author Age Path
180 nw90 candidate vmandic 736d 08h 26m /NSRMonitor/
177 Repository reconsiliation vmandic 739d 00h 36m /NSRMonitor/
154 updated SharpZipLib, updated NSRMonitor dll loader vmandic 1990d 03h 47m /NSRMonitor/
142 full rebuild with 64bit client support and several bugfixes vmandic 2407d 07h 39m /NSRMonitor/
135 refresh of charting component vmandic 2548d 07h 41m /NSRMonitor/
106 VS2010 project update vmandic 2729d 14h 12m /NSRMonitor/
104 data filter for nsrvsstool vmandic 2799d 16h 48m /NSRMonitor/
103 debug getdllversion vmandic 2814d 10h 39m /NSRMonitor/
102 debug data for live monitoring vmandic 2814d 11h 52m /NSRMonitor/
94 GA refresh vmandic 2912d 08h 20m /NSRMonitor/
88 bugfix in dll handling vmandic 2922d 08h 12m /NSRMonitor/
84 major refactoring, performance optimization, fxcop run vmandic 2963d 11h 13m /NSRMonitor/
81 created automated build platform vmandic 2967d 09h 21m /NSRMonitor/
78 v3 release candidate vmandic 2976d 12h 44m /NSRMonitor/
77 subversion cleanup vmandic 2976d 12h 46m /NSRMonitor/
76 merged nsranalyzer and nsrmonitor projects vmandic 2976d 12h 59m /NSRMonitor/