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151 added detection of duplicate datasets vmandic 2047d 08h 40m /ZedGraph/
137 missed resource path in graph refresh vmandic 2539d 12h 39m /ZedGraph/
135 refresh of charting component vmandic 2548d 07h 44m /ZedGraph/
95 optimized thread handler vmandic 2911d 05h 53m /ZedGraph/
73 fixed a bug with xdate conversion in charts vmandic 3002d 04h 22m /ZedGraph/
66 new xml engine vmandic 3099d 11h 14m /ZedGraph/
52 svn repository refresh vmandic 3196d 12h 10m /ZedGraph/
39 major update, v2 beta vmandic 3282d 13h 00m /ZedGraph/
22 option view source vmandic 3430d 03h 26m /ZedGraph/
1 initial commit vmandic 3491d 08h 11m /ZedGraph/